Reliable vivo 500gc Garment Steamer Reviews

Wrinkles are roughages that clothing can’t do without. Do you wish to put an end to those annoying wrinkles that on your clothing? Then you need to check out this astonishing machine that helps take care of wrinkles on clothing within a minute. Reliable Vivo 500gc Garment Steamers helps to fix cloth wrinkles without doing it the conversational way, which usually involves the use tables and pressing iron.

What this particular garment steamer does is that it helps soften fibres and at the same time help relaxes fabrics while on standing or on a cloth hanger. This makes it a perfect choice for professional dry cleaners and also for individuals with little experience pertaining to dry cleaning for everyday home use.

Reliable Vivo 500gc Garment Steamer is manufactured by Reliable limited, a family owned business and also one of the biggest sharks in the industry of general home management equipment. A company which took its flight in the year 1955 has since then successfully built a brand that is known all over the world for its ground-breaking technology that is innovating, reliable and with outstanding performances. Although, there are several other brands of garment steamers in the industry Reliable Vivo 500gc Garment streamer has no equals. This particular garment steamer is superior with a much better performance, easy to use advantage and of better quality. Do you always like to look dazzling whenever you step out of your door? Get this garment steamer and it will help you out with that.

Special Features Of Reliable Vivo 500gc Garment Steamers

vivo 500gc Garment Steamer

Reliable Vivo 500gc garment steamer has numerous physical features that are outstanding which makes it better by far.  A million words wouldn’t be enough to describe those features. But to make it quick and detailed, here are the basic physical features that this garment steamer has that you can’t find in any other garment steamer.

1.Manufactured From Materials Which Are As Tough As Nail

To separate a durable garment steamer from that which is not, it all starts from the guts. The materials with which the guts is made from determines how durable the garment steamer would be. The power plant of Reliable Vivo 500gc garment steamers is made from 1300W brass internal heating element that can withstand a high amount of heat continuously without unreasonable expansions. With this, fabrics that require high temperature can be steamed without worries on the effect of the engine.

2.Refill And Steam Process Made Easy

Going down to the sink to refill the water bottle within short intervals has being a major disadvantage of garment Steamers. But in the case of Reliable Vivo garment steamers, a 1-gallon water capacity bottle was fabricated to suit the design without weighing excessively. It also has an anti-spill cap that prevents leakage when filled to capacity.

3.All Complete Solution

Reliable garment steamer has an inbuilt hanger that allows you to steam clothing without introducing an external hanger. This hanger is removable and adjustable to suit exactly the way you want it. It also has strong fabric clips that are heat resistant and they are used to hold your clothing in place while steaming.

4.Wheels For Easy Movement

When it has to do with easy movement, Reliable Vivo 500gc was built in other to suit the general comfort of its users. It has a non-skid wheel that is very large which allows unrestricted moments from one point to another. As an additional physical feature, it also has a stance stability that is low and wide.

5.Strong PVC Steam Head And Also Steam Hose

Reliable Vivo 500gc has the strongest PVC steam head in the garment steamers industry. It also has an Ergonomic steam headrest that those not retain heat. The steam hose cover is highly resistant to heat, which gives it style and also makes it very safe for usage.

6.Sleek Support Rod

This garment steamer has a sturdy and sleek aluminium rod that is lightweight. This rod holds the steam hose in place and also holds the garment to be hanged.


Quick Specs Of Reliable Vivo 500gc Garment Steamers

The specs of Reliable garment steamers have to the with its general description and other important information which includes dimensions, appearance and many more.

1.General Appearance and Dimension

Reliable Vivo 500gc Garment streamer is a hand-held type of garment steamers. It is white in colours and the tank is made of complete plastic which also adds little to the general weight of this garment steamer. This garment steamer is a medium size one with a width of 11.5 inches, a height of 70 inches and a depth of 16.5 inches.

This dimension proves that this garment steamer contains a limited amount of space. Therefore, it can be used anywhere, no matter how small the available space is.

2.General Features and Technical Details

This Vivo garment steamer has a maximum heating temperature of about 203°F which can be regulated to a temperature as low as 95°C. With this, the garment steamer is able to stretch any type of fabrics. However, it is important for users not to use garment steamers for nylon made fabrics. It also has a Has-wheel and also a water tank capacity of about 1 Oz.

Speaking of the electrical capacity, the voltage and wattage of Reliable Vivo 500gc are 110/120volts and 1200 watts respectively. This makes an electrical machine with enough power to work as long as you want it to. It also has a programmed auto-turn of system that switches off the engine when it is no more in use. With the power indicator light, it notifies users if it is actually on or off.


In the case of Reliable Vivo 500gc Garment steamer, it is more than just a warranty, it is a guarantee. This company offers 3 years warranty for this product. This particular extra feature makes this garment steamer to stand out in the industry.

Tips On How To Use A Reliable Vivo 500gc Garment Steamer

A reliable garment steamer is easy to use and operate, which is why professionals appreciate it. With this machine, wrinkles and any other squeezed part of a clothing will become smooth and bright. To use this garment steamer at home for the first time, certain guidelines must be followed to achieve maximum results after each steam. These guidelines include:

  1. The cloth should be hanged on the hanger fixed on the Garment Steamer. It is important that you stretch all the edges of the clothes to be hanged to allow easy penetration of the steamed heat coming from the garment steamer.
  2. Gently remove the cap on water bottle of the Reliable garment steamer and fill it with water, either ordinary water or distilled. After filling it to the brim, cover the water bottle and return the bottle back.
  3. Whenever you are to use this garment steamer, it is very important to be sure of the amount of water that is inside the water bottle. This will help prevent severe damage caused as a result of complete dry off.
  4. After you must have to refill the garment steamer, wait for approximately sixty seconds for the temperature of the steam to be high enough to stretch your clothing. 5. When steaming your clothing, make sure the steam hose of the garment steamer is upright. This help prevents the condensation of steam in the pipes. Holding your steam hose in an upright position returns all the condense steam back to the steamer.

immediately you are done steaming your clothes, it is advisable to empty the water bottle. This help prevents the corrosive effects of the minerals in the water. When water stays too long in a steamer, corrosion begins to set in.

Follow all these tips and you will be able to use this Reliable Vivo 500gc Garment steamer easily.

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